Time to review your mortgage

review your mortgage

With the federal election now over, The Liberals return to power, no changes to negative gearing and with property prices at its lowest in years, now might be a good time to look at buying an investment property.

It’s also a good time to review your mortgage & see if you have the lowest rate possible. A lot may have changed since you bought your house & took out a mortgage.

We can review your current loan & see if we can get a better rate for you.

It won’t cost you anything and we can advise you if there is a more competitive product on the market suitable for your current and future needs.

First Home Buyers WA –what you need to know

****$15,000 First Home Owners Grant Boost is ending 30 June 2017. It will then reduce back to $10,000 ******** First home buyers who sign a contract to build a new home or purchase a brand new home receive a grant of $10,000. The grant is capped at $750,000 house price for WA under 26th parallel… Continue Reading

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